Promotional Merchandise QR Code

Briefly a QR code is the little square symbol everyone will be using soon. You place it on a product, in print or on electonic media and then someone uses a smart phone to scan it (many free apps available). The QR (quick response) connects the smart phone to a website or an article or blog address the same way a hyperlink takes you there. The QR code can identify people, products or services instantly to the samrt phone user.After creating your code (its free), you can grab copy and paste code to embed the QR Code on your website or blog, or you can save the image to include on printed materials. It’s a quick process that provides a convenient way for customers with smartphone sto access a website or details about your company.

Using a QR Code for email marketing purposes simply provides small businesses with another low-cost method to grow its business and email marketing subscriber list.

Tips for businesses that are investigating QR Codes as a way to boost email marketing:

1. Use the QR Code as another way to formulate the URL to your Web page on printed materials. You can also leverage it to your Facebook business page or other social media destination.

2. QR Codes are still in the “novelty” phase, so now is the time to incorporate them into your marketing because people will scan them with smartphones just for the novelty effect.

3. Consider QR Codes as just another way for customers to sign-up with you. It’s not difficult to understand or use when you think of it as an image-based URL shortener to help customers locate your email sign-up pages faster and easier than providing a URL.

4. Put the QR code everywhere — in advertising literature, at the cash register, on business cards, invoices and billing statements and any print distributions.

5. Use an incentive like a gift with your LOGO as you would with any email marketing sign-up promotion. For example, if you display a QR Code at the point-of-sale location, include a note that new subscribers will receive a free gift with your logo which remains working for you over time. By the time the customer is ready to pay for the purchase, the opt-in will have been completed and they can obtain the reward.