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Q: How Large Is The Promotional Products Industry?

A: Advertisers spent more than $18 billion in 2011 on products purchased through promotional consultants.

Q: What Products Are The Most Popular?

A: Of the more than $18 billion that was spent in 2011 on promotional products, the most popular category was apparel. The top 10 categories for 2011 were:

1. Apparel: Aprons, uniforms, blazers, headwear, jackets, neckwear, footwear, etc.

2. Writing Instruments: Pens, pencils, markers, highlighters, etc.

3. Calendars: Wall and wallet calendars, desk diaries, pocket secretaries, etc.

4. Drinkware: Glass, china, ceramic, crystal, plastic and stainless steel.

5. Bags, tote bags, shopping bags, gift bags, drawstring bags, cosmetic bags, etc.

6. Desk/Office/Business Accessories: Cases, pen sets, calculators, paper products, etc.

7. Recognition Awards/Trophies/Jewelry/Clocks & Watches: Plaques, certificates, etc.

8. Other items not included elsewhere

9. Games/Toys/Playing Cards/Inflatables: Kites, balls, puzzles, stuffed animals, etc.

10. Textiles: Flags, towels, umbrellas, pennants, throws, blankets, etc.